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Severe Central Sulcus Thrush

This is a leading cause of lameness that is frequently overlooked.  If your horse has a deep crack between the heel bulbs.  Treat with Tomorrow or other cattle mastitis ointment until the frog is properly […]

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These horses have suffered a loss of coffin bone attachment due to severe laminitis brought on by metabolic issues or the stress of limb compensation due to injury on an opposite limb.¬† 3 separate cases, […]

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Crushed Or Under run Heels

These horses have suffered a collapse in their heel structure.  Redistributing load off of the crushed heels, often allows the heel to grow in normally

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Long Toe, High Heel

Many think that Long toes are associated with low heals.  That’s not always the case.  High heels can also accompany a long toe.    

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Long Toes

It never ceases to amaze me how often horses come to me that are lame from being, “Shod to Distortion”.  This means the shoe is placed on the foot, where the foot shouldn’t even be.  […]

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