I’m Patty Lynch APF-I, owner of Whole Horse Hoof Care Farrier Services in Maryland. I began my professional hoof care career in 2005. I believe in the, “Barefoot when possible, shoes when necessary” approach to hoof care. I specialize in therapeutic, balanced horseshoeing of all breeds and disciplines ( but particularly dressage) as well as barefoot trims. I also particularly love working on founder cases. It is my philosophy that all horses deserve a caring team of an owner, farrier and veterinarian that work together for the benefit of the horse.

I’m a proponent of barefoot horses as long as the individual horse is comfortable without shoes. Barefoot is advantageous to the horse because the foot is in its natural state, contacting the ground as a proper weight bearing platform for the animal. Any time you can keep anything the way nature intended it, I believe it’s better. Shoes, when applied correctly, however, can compensate for what nature didn’t provide the animal or what the animal requires. Today, we have many options to choose from to give the horse the most comfort, reduce chance of injury, and obtain best performance. These include steel, aluminum, composite and polyurethane to name a few. Priorities should be taken into consideration for the goal of the horse as to what product will be best.

Patty-working-Wisdom-hoofI assess the needs, conditions, internal and external factors of each horse before deciding what if anything to apply to the horse. I strongly consider the anatomy of the foot, living conditions and biomechanics in making my decision. If the horse would be better off without shoes, I again make a decision as to which trim will be best.

As an accredited member of the American Association of Professional Farriers, I value continuing education. Investing in knowledge is important in this rapid changing industry. I am also a proud member of the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners

I only accept discerning owners into my practice as all horses in my practice are treated as they were my own. I am very dedicated to my job and to my clients. I work long hours to ensure that every horse I treat gets the best hoof care possible