Patty-with-JagI’m Patty Lynch, owner of Whole Horse Hoof Care Farrier Services in Maryland. My slogan is “Barefoot when possible, shoes when necessary.” I specialize in barefoot trims, EponaShoes, and care for foundered horses, and I also do more traditional shoeing.

I’m a proponent of barefoot horses as long as the individual equine is comfortable without shoes. Barefoot is advantageous to the horse because the foot is in its natural state, contacting the ground as a proper weight bearing platform for the animal. Any time you can keep anything the way nature intended it, I believe it’s better.  Shoes, when applied correctly, however, can compensate for what nature didn’t provide the animal.  Today we have options to apply shoes that weren’t available before, such as adhesives, but any time you put a hole in something solid, you weaken it.  Priorities should be taken into consideration for the goal of the horse.

I assess the needs and conditions of each horse before deciding whether or not barefoot would be advantageous, including both internal and external factors. I strongly consider the anatomy of the foot in making my decision. If the horse would be better off without shoes, I again make a decision as to which trim will be best for the animal.

I’ve had years of experience with equines in Maryland and began working as a farrier seven years ago. I learned the skill through a number of clinics, conferences, and seminars. The best training I received, however, was the hands-on instruction I acquired by working with more experienced farriers. I consider hoof care as part of an ongoing education, and I often attend clinics and certifications in order to remain up to date on the topic.

I work with all breeds and types of equine, including mules, pleasure mounts, trail horses, hunter-jumpers, eventers, and dressage animals. Some are barefoot, some wear EponaShoes, and others wear more traditional metal shoes. It all depends on what is best for the individual horse.

Patty-working-Wisdom-hoofI’ve been married to a wonderful man for nine years, and between us, we have six children. We call Mount Airy Maryland home. Our family enjoys spending time with our five equines: a Belgian, a Thoroughbred, a pony, and two Quarter Horses. Our mounts are chiefly used for trail riding, and all but one is barefoot. The mare I rescued has severe acute founder, and she wears EponaShoes. With these flexible devices, she is able to walk, trot, and canter in comfort. In addition to our own equines, I often have a horse or two at the barn that is being rehabilitated.

I am dedicated to my job and to my clients. I work long hours to ensure that every horse I treat gets the best hoof care possible. As I work on your animal, please feel free to ask questions about the procedures. I’ll not only explain what I’m doing – more importantly, I’ll explain why I’m doing it.